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Haiku-spirited phrases and photos of Japan's daily scene hits you and make your mind open.

This book is a compilation of haiku-spirited short phrases, conveying provocative yet sympathetic and encouraging thoughts by a legendary Japanese pop cuilture guru, personal life seems to go nowhere, this book may enlighten you. The author doesn't provide ready-made agony column answers, instead he hits you with many questions. If you are ready to open and think and feel them, you would see a lot of new things.

From author

I believe in the impulse for expression rather than the expressed words. If we can share such deep-rooted preliterate emotions among us, we would override the barriers of languages and cultures. This book is a collection of short phrases that have struck me from time to time in many years. The original title for the Japanese version is "Shin Kokyu Sengen", roughly means "Deep Breath Manifesto". I hope this little book could encourage some of the readers to start compiling their own "words that deeply breathe".

Yukio Kitsukawa
Yukio Kitsukawa is an editor it, an author, and media producers.
Work for the person to tie to the person is consistently pursued.


- 108 haiku-inspirated phrases and photos.
- Music player which plays music or playlist on your music library.

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